Font Awesome 4.2.0

Font Awesome 4.2.0 ยท Created by Dave Gandy GitHub Project

Font Awesome licensed under SIL OFL 1.1 Code licensed under MIT License

<i class="icon adjust"></i>

40 New Icons in 4.2

Web Application Icons

adjust anchor archive area-chart arrows arrows-h arrows-v asterisk at automobile (alias) ban bank (alias) bar-chart bar-chart-o (alias) barcode bars beer bell bell-o bell-slash bell-slash-o bicycle binoculars birthday-cake bolt bomb book bookmark bookmark-o briefcase bug building building-o bullhorn bullseye bus cab (alias) calculator calendar calendar-o camera camera-retro car caret-square-o-down caret-square-o-left caret-square-o-right caret-square-o-up cc certificate check check-circle check-circle-o check-square check-square-o child circle circle-o circle-o-notch circle-thin clock-o close (alias) cloud cloud-download cloud-upload code code-fork coffee cog cogs comment comment-o comments comments-o compass copyright credit-card crop crosshairs cube cubes cutlery dashboard (alias) database desktop dot-circle-o download edit (alias) ellipsis-h ellipsis-v envelope envelope-o envelope-square eraser exchange exclamation exclamation-circle exclamation-triangle external-link external-link-square eye eye-slash eyedropper fax female fighter-jet file-archive-o file-audio-o file-code-o file-excel-o file-image-o file-movie-o (alias) file-pdf-o file-photo-o (alias) file-picture-o (alias) file-powerpoint-o file-sound-o (alias) file-video-o file-word-o file-zip-o (alias) film filter fire fire-extinguisher flag flag-checkered flag-o flash (alias) flask folder folder-o folder-open folder-open-o frown-o futbol-o gamepad gavel gear (alias) gears (alias) gift glass globe graduation-cap group (alias) hdd-o headphones heart heart-o history home image (alias) inbox info info-circle institution (alias) key keyboard-o language laptop leaf legal (alias) lemon-o level-down level-up life-bouy (alias) life-buoy (alias) life-ring life-saver (alias) lightbulb-o line-chart location-arrow lock magic magnet mail-forward (alias) mail-reply (alias) mail-reply-all (alias) male map-marker meh-o microphone microphone-slash minus minus-circle minus-square minus-square-o mobile mobile-phone (alias) money moon-o mortar-board (alias) music navicon (alias) newspaper-o paint-brush paper-plane paper-plane-o paw pencil pencil-square pencil-square-o phone phone-square photo (alias) picture-o pie-chart plane plug plus plus-circle plus-square plus-square-o power-off print puzzle-piece qrcode question question-circle quote-left quote-right random recycle refresh remove (alias) reorder (alias) reply reply-all retweet road rocket rss rss-square search search-minus search-plus send (alias) send-o (alias) share share-alt share-alt-square share-square share-square-o shield shopping-cart sign-in sign-out signal sitemap sliders smile-o soccer-ball-o (alias) sort sort-alpha-asc sort-alpha-desc sort-amount-asc sort-amount-desc sort-asc sort-desc sort-down (alias) sort-numeric-asc sort-numeric-desc sort-up (alias) space-shuttle spinner spoon square square-o star star-half star-half-empty (alias) star-half-full (alias) star-half-o star-o suitcase sun-o support (alias) tablet tachometer tag tags tasks taxi terminal thumb-tack thumbs-down thumbs-o-down thumbs-o-up thumbs-up ticket times times-circle times-circle-o tint toggle-down (alias) toggle-left (alias) toggle-off toggle-on toggle-right (alias) toggle-up (alias) trash trash-o tree trophy truck tty umbrella university unlock unlock-alt unsorted (alias) upload user users video-camera volume-down volume-off volume-up warning (alias) wheelchair wifi wrench

File Type Icons

Spinner Icons

These icons work great with the icon-spin class.

Form Control Icons

Payment Icons

Chart Icons

Currency Icons

Text Editor Icons

Directional Icons

Video Player Icons

Brand Icons

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  • The use of these trademarks does not indicate endorsement of the trademark holder by Font Awesome, nor vice versa.


Apparently, Adblock Plus can remove Font Awesome brand icons with their "Remove Social Media Buttons" setting. We will not use hacks to force them to display. Please report an issue with Adblock Plus if you believe this to be an error. To work around this, you'll need to modify the social icon class names.

Medical Icons